Operational planning

You wish to make optimal use of your property - we arrange the operation.

For property developers and portfolio managers, it pays to think outside the box: The overall objective is the optimal long-term operation of a property in terms of usage, operating costs and rental income. Our phase-oriented, systematic approach demonstrates how maximum comfort and benefit can be ensured with a minimal financial and ecological effort. A general overview of the property or area is projected during the early stages, the scope becoming more focused with increasing project progress.

FM during planning and construction

  • Strategy development
  • Study contract and competition management
  • Project assessment and optimisation
  • Operational plans and 3D process modelling
  • Operating cost calculation and profitability analysis
  • Life cycle simulation
  • Requirements and standards for area operation
  • Digital operating concepts

Operational planning

  • Operational strategy
  • Operational simulations
  • Service procurement with online tendering platform
  • Implementation and instruction
  • Auditing

Operational optimisation

  • Organisational development and process management
  • Maintenance and repair strategies
  • Performance management and benchmarking
  • Procurement and new tenders
  • Energy controlling
  • Workplace Management with Virtual Reality
  • Introduction of digital technologies (IT-systems) for property management

Operational Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • BIM requirements from an operational perspective
  • Transitioning operations to BIM
  • Buyer competency training
  • Retro BIM/Reverse engineering
  • 3D digital process modelling and attribution

Utilisation and operation

  • User representation
  • Operating concept/3D process modelling
  • Operating cost calculation
  • Interface coordination - tenant/basic fitout
  • FM competency in Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Andres Stierli Head of Strategic FM

Roman Egger Head of Strategic FM