Energy and Building Technology

“Energy cost calculation is the price quadrature.” This bon mot is a popular term among energy and building services professionals.

At no other point during the life cycle of a property is cost calculation so complex. The costs are less affected by energy consumption (e.g., electricity) than by other factors, such as an efficient and flexible concept, long-term investment and low maintenance costs. A systematic approach - whether at a property or area level - leads to optimised results, combining a long-term ecological solution with low overall costs. Our services include:

  • Mission statements
  • Real estate strategies
  • Strategies and concepts for energy supply
  • Planning requirements and performance specifications
  • Project reviews and recommendations for action
  • Tendering, evaluation and assessment of contracting solutions
  • Utilisation and operation
  • Thermal building simulation

Christian Erb Head of Energy and Building Technology

Andres Stierli Head of Strategic FM